Seven Dimensional (and up) Einsteinian Hyperspherical Universe

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by Samuel A. Cox, BS; MSEd.

    The material presented on this link was written in cooperation with and by the invitation of The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. It was originally included in the "Cosmology Review" website of that institution during the period from November of 1999 through June of 2000. Last updated on May 5, 2014. Site under construction...see "Links"- and next paragraphs.

    Have you ever thought of the implications of that basic tenet of relativity: "all things come from the same place"? You and I had the same origin as the Sun, Earth, planets- everything! Seen from this viewpoint, all of organic evolution...and inorganic evolution, like time itself- are illusions...a holographic 4D way of observing the universe. NOTHING is "lost" a relativistic universe...certainly NOT you and me. We go back, in combination with EVERYTHING- right to the "beginning". In 4D we can see the projection of evolution from the first cell and inorganic evolution from the beginning....with increasing complexity of eternal, quasi-static universe, which depends on certain geometric parameters for the "emergent principles" which inevitably made its existence possible- and brought forth life!

    "Where the universe came from" is a moot question in an eternal universe....the word "universe" itself means everything that exists! It is hard for us mortals to imagine a place in which, cosmologically, time, space, motion and change do not exist or are infinitesimal...but those are the facts of existence. This site has no address to stimulate discussion. It describes a model and is based on emperically confirmed discoveries. This description has been proof-read by well recognized scientists (see links) and it is significant the writer was told: "It (this description) is off in a few details". Einstein was asked how he would respond were the facts about the universe shown to be in conflict with relativity. He responded by saying he would know God was WRONG. He was a humble man and in no way asserted he knew everything, but insofar as relativity was concerned...facts would show the theory right. Although a theist, Einstein had little time for "hokus pokus" of a religious nature. That God inhabits the universe was unquestioned ("The old one") and that He modifies, directs and interacts (ie "creates")is therefore not in question.(Note Einstein's use of a time oriented is hard to avoid time oriented terms in an eternal universe because we LIVE in time, however to be properly understood, the universe must be evaluated against the reality of eternity). Unquestionably God- to use another time oriented reference- WAS the "first guy on the block" and quickly "took control", fine-tuning even emergent principles to give Himself the "edge"! The universe "started" an eternity ago as chaos, "without form and void" and continues to be a very wild place,indeed ("very good" but FAR from perfect)! The purpose of living information ultimately is to "read" and organize "a complex holographic reality" any machine would do. Higher levels of consciousness take on "personhood" and become definition, God is personal- as we are. All consciousness is inter-linked. Our existence as we are is a reflection of a universal condition which brings about a very gradual phylogenic change in the direction of gradually increasing order....

    Additionally, NOTHING is outside the Einsteinian universe- there is NO outside. Space-time iself is a "construct" and must be viewed in a certain electro-magnetic way, in order to be said to "exist"! In the two sphere, 7D concept, the universe is always everywhere! Each half changes relative to the other (like an hour-glass) but the whole is perpetually existent- when viewed apprpriately. The entire universe from its "start" at the "big bang(s)" to us, the Romans, to everything is embedded in it, all the "time"...everything in the Universe is found at certain eternal coodinates, dependant for their very existence on the way we observe them; Time and space, the events of our lives come into existence by our "reading" of them (by observation)! Without observation, our lives are but a permanent "shadow". Many of those who specialize in physics have very little training in engineering, and ignore the obvious significance of the (well verified) model of Einstein in solving engineering problems.

    NOTE! From our frame the universe is observed to have 2 singular antipodes and two white holes, BUT singular is singular- there is (almost) no time nor space (ie: what we call "time" emerges from the nature of pi, which is irrational...the general relativity concept is based on spheroid- cosmologically, marginally closed- space); these antipodes are "by electromagnetic observation only"- in reality there is ONE singularity...they EXIST, as they are, because we observe them to exist. It has been suggested by some reputable scientists that the universe IS in fact a singularity, but again, we do not OBSERVE it to be that way! From our frame there is "a singularity here (in 4D) and a singularity there". In fact all singularity at its frame is together, has the same everywhere and no-where characteristics- and is part of the same thing. Just as airplanes (complicated pieces of equipment) enable us to observe the north pole out of New York and over Russia and Mongolia on our way to Hong Kong, our complex bodies "read" the universe in 4D-and so fabricate reality, periodically, forever.

    "Brane Theory" can be very misleading- it implies an inappropriate "randomness". An Einsteinian universe is by definition, deterministic- or very nearly so - with a "time dimension" which is "space-like" and of infinite "duration". It is proper and correct to think of embedded information with reference to SRT/GR...everything has a place; and everything permanently IS in its place..."The universe just IS" (Hawking).

    The writer has seen the SRT/GR concept reaffirmed over and over in new ways. Every further empirical verification of Special and General Relativity in the field further confirms the concept- that is why the author has taken the time- and spent the money to post it! Information from the field will be forthcoming within the next few years which could be VERY significant, and the writer will advise the reader in this location- immediately. July 2, 2012; That the universe has mass is unquestioned- I discuss "embedded information" on this site! In fact, we know that at the big bang, the universe had to have a very SPECIFIC mass, to develop as it it has. Where this mass comes from: "the Higgs Boson/field" has been the subject of considerable work. Without mass, such terms as "the momentum of general relativity" would be meaningless. The discovery of the Higgs in July 2012, is to be lauded! The next discoveries will come from the full disclosure of the results (and cosmological implications) of the Planck mission in January of 2013....note that on January 14, 2013, the writer read Ned Wrights "News of the universe". Ned uses a marginally closed model; he "pulls no tails" and does not make a great issue about it- but his job is to stick with the latest observational evidence. In fact a marginally closed model makes sense- and, "smoke and mirrors" aside, alone conforms to a vast universe with fixed mass and "almost" flat space. It is stressed over and over on this site that Einstein's concept of locally flat and globally marginally closed space in the universe- the special and general relativistic concepts- have been verified in many ways... to dozens of decimal places.

    Does the "Inflationary Period" SEEM to be a "made up" concept, demanded by the math of cosmology? The answer is a flat NO. Gravity is, and must be Newtonian, or instantly propagating, and is present-day evidence for the existence of "Inflation" in the primordial singularity. The universe cannot "hold together" and remain as we observe it if gravity is limited to the speed of light. The very existence of gravity indicates that inflation exists- as well as an Einsteinian geometric universe. Obviously gravity is presently existing...just as ALL information in our universe is eternally existing...(NOTE that as of March, 2014, the concept of "Inflation" has been verified experimentally.)

    "Absolute space, absolute time, even Euclidean geometry, are not conditions to be imposed on mechanics: one can express the facts connecting them in terms of non-Euclidean space"....Poincare.

    "When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe"...John Muir


    To the layman, Einsteinian cosmology seems remote and obscure, yet the Einsteinian universe is very personally a part of us- and we a part of it. The concept, when reduced to mathematics, makes very precise predictions which can be and have been confirmed with great accuracy.

    We watch a loved one lowered into the grave, or see their ashes sown to the wind. We respectfully listen to a brief religious message promising eternal life- and go home to pick up the pieces of our lives. If we could only realize that the promise of eternal existence by religion is implied to be factual by the relativistic concept, we would take heart!

    The bottom line is that eternal existence- the permanence of all (embedded) information- is reality in the Einsteinian concept, a concept empirically measurable to dozens of decimal places. We may or may not however, particularly like the idea that we "live" (time in Einsteinian cosmology is an illusory concept cosmologically) our lives over and over with only almost imperceptible change- forever, since we live and re-live, not only our joys, but our sorrows. Death in an Einsteinian universe is as illusory as time itself, and there is no "rest in death"...we simply forget our previous existence and become gradually re-aware of our eternal self, over and over.

    With these thoughts in mind, lets look at a concept which seems very obtuse- but isn't.


    This website describes a dual quasi-static geometric universe based on Einstein's original intuition about the cosmic condition. Inverse mapping of matter and antimatter is fundamental to the concept. "Dark energy" is remotely observed, singular, massed space. An eternal, single process, single direction, yet roughly periodic time dimension provides almost unlimited possibilities for the phylogenic development of embedded information at invariant frames of reference. It is shown that the mathematically dual cosmology resulting from the melding of special relativity, general relativity, quantum mechanics and a slightly modified "mirror" geometry of Karl Schwarzschild makes plausable the existence of stored information and high complexity within an eternal, quantum universe of finite mass. The site also proposes that a large body of astronomical and particle accelerator evidence implies a dual cosmological model.

    Summary of the Concept (1,866 words)

    Conceptually, the seven dimensional model is incredibly simple and indisputably obvious. Astronomically, the universe appears vaster with distance. In fact, the universe grows younger and smaller with distance. At the big bang (13.7 BLY distant), the universe is singular at 360 degrees. The observer exists midway, in terms of orders of magnitude, between a photonic, big bang antipode and a collapsing, particulating singular condition. The ultimate effect is an everywhere yet singular condition at the astronomical antipode, and a singular yet everywhere condition at the Planck Realm. This double, or "two-sphere" geometry has four "poles", two "white" or photonic and two "dark" or singular.

    It is critical to note: this model has a "built-in" explanation for cosmic accelerated expansion. Because the universe "originates" with not one, but two singularities- one at the astonomical antipode and one at the Planck realm (as observed in 4D) and consists of equal parts of eternally existing matter and anti-matter, and because the photonic matrix by which we measure astronomical phenomina is interconnected, we would expect the detection of cosmic acceleration toward the astonomical antipode.

    Material observers exist on the 4D event horizon particulate surfaces of reality, yet electromagnetically and remotely observe from the center of the geometry, at a single central location (their own). They observe in an absolute sense only in two directions, outward and inward everywhere at 360 degrees. Cosmic reality from observing frames consists of two three-spaces and a single roughly periodic time is foundationally seven dimensional. Because of the single process time dimension and the hyperspherical nature of the geometry, only 1/2 of the universe...a four dimensional cross section...may be observed from any given (invariant) frame of reference at once.

    The universe, while measured at observing coordinates to be dynamic, is best understood in terms of only a very confined dynamic component. Modest but general and very rapid (2.8 trillion cycles per Earth second) cosmic proper time pulsation and geometric inversion at the quark level of scale (matter/antimatter...big bang/white hole/black hole) remotely cross-read in extreme gravitational time dilation on particulate 4D event horizon surfaces at certain related frames of reference within a dual inversely mapped (bifid) universe results in the conscious perception of the vastness of space and time...a gradually evolving 4 dimensional geometric construct. Interconnectedness (entanglement) assures continuity.

    Empiricism is central to the concept. The Universe exists only as it is observed and measured and there is a critical connection between the universe and the observer. In fact, without observation, the universe ceases to exist. The process of observation acts as a servomechanism by which the universe and its contents are modified and developed in increasing complexity of information over eternity.

    The entire universe is a quantum reality, but from the frame of conscious observation, quantum effects are observed to vary. Scale and a geometric construct (information embedded within a manifold) matching a slightly modified Schwarzschild "mirror" geometry and satisfying the GR equations is the result. That portion of the cosmos below 10 to the minus 36th Cm (the Planck Realm) is observed to be amorphous (exists at 360 degrees everywhere) and completely singular. Black holes, part of the same cosmic singular matrix, reflect areas of intense energy density and have spheroid shaped event horizons of appropriate sizes as measured by observers.

    The massed, singular foundation of the universe is observed and measured as "dark energy". On the scale of the solar system, a black hole with an event horizon radius 10 to the minus 36th the radius of the solar system produces a gravitational moment which perfectly explains the anomalous acceleration of the Pioneer 10 and 11 spacecraft. Space as observed therefore, while transparent, is not empty, but has mass.

    Overall, dark energy...the singular or Planck Realm, makes up 73% of the mass of the universe. As singular cosmic objects attract matter/energy, the percentage of universal mass which constitutes "dark energy" gradually increases, until sudden closure of the dual system and inversion occur, eternally. At closure on one side of the dual system, complexity and stored information are preserved in the extended half, which, from observing frames, in turn experiences a "bean shaped" entropy "reversal" of time (no inverse process).

    The model proposed on this site thus meets the conceptual demands of general relativity...nothing is outside the system, the system always exists and the system is quasi-static, depending on phylogenically developing complexity of observation for continued existence.

    Particulation occurs on 4 dimensional event horizon surfaces at the lowest scales of the universe, beginning in the region where quantum effects are observed to almost fully dominate, some 25 orders of magnitude above the Planck Realm (at the atomic level, for atoms can be studied as wavelike or particulate). From the frame of the observer, these 25 orders of magnitude represent an infintesimally small region...a surface. The submicroscopic is actually, however the core of the universe, of immense depth and complexity, which when remotely observed at 360 degrees becomes the particulate reality we inhabit. Particles and baryonic structures (atoms) are stable 1. Because their distinct, invariant, pulsating embeddedness within the quasi-static system renders them cosmologically eternal and 2. Because observers remotely "cross-read" embedded particulate complexity within the photonic matrix in extreme gravitational time dilation.

    Undifferentiated, non-particulate mass comprises some 23% of the universe and is perceived and measured as "dark matter". Dark Matter may actually be combined "soupy space" dark energy (Planck Realm less remote in scale) in regions of greater average energy density resulting from concentrations of multitudes of stellar sized black holes scattered thoughout galactic arms. Four percent of all matter is baryonic, organized atomic matter. 2% of this is matter and 2% is antimatter.

    Antimatter has not been destroyed. Rather, in this model, matter and antimatter are inversely mapped within a modified Schwarzschild "mirror" geometry at the universal singular core (Planck Realm) in space and energy, with geometric, cosmological time separation (along a quasi-sine wave "x" axis). As 4D particulate event horizon surfaces are remotely and electromagnetically observed, this "inverse mapping" is read as a rapid proper time quasi-sine wave pulse of the entire baryonic universe at the quark level, from material to anti-material 2.8 trillion times per second at sub-microscopic scales, and a vast, gravitationally dilated 14 billion light years worth of space and time at the astronomical antipode. Since but one "hemisphere" (4D cross-section) of reality is observed sequentially due to the single, periodic time dimension, only 1/2 of the sub-microscopic cosmic pulse can be observed astronomically...the "power spectrum".

    The universe proposed by Einstein is finite in mass, eternal in time (Guth-infinite along the single process time dimension) hyperspherical- and observed in four dimensions only (Einstein, Bohr, Kalusa). However, because a bifid baryonic universe can be observed four dimensionally in at least two different ways, and since both sides of the cosmos share a single, roughly periodic, single process time direction, the four accepted dimensions of particulate existence can best be interpreted as but only a part of a foundationally seven dimensional structure. Infinite time allows a universe of finite mass to develop, conserve and preserve complexity from only a few initial aspects of physical order.

    The fact that all information exists on 4D event horizon surfaces relates to the eternal embeddedness, past, present and future, of all information in the universe, at invariant, permanent frames of reference- in fact, the reality that the universe is an eternal entity. In this model, the existence of motion, change and time is the result of the observed change in the "size" of space...of the space-time lattice. The universe of information is best conceptualized as everywhere, all the "time". What from our frame is the "Big Bang" started "here", "there" and everywhere- simultaneously. The only real changes in the universe, which we observe in 4D relate to the effects (on embedded information) of changing spatial extent. The writers desk exists eternally right where it is, in fact the writer "is" exactly where he exists an eternal 4D informational object summarized in its entirety by his existence from conception to dissolution. Because the writers consciousness is electromagnetic, he observes the universe- and experiences existence, over and over forever- only one moment at a time.

    When baryonic bi-particulate, complex biological beings cross-read the rapidly collapsing universe remotely in time dilation, time and space in the specifications observed appear. Cross-checking and using the GR time dilation formula it is found that gravitational time dilation observed remotely near the Planck Realm event horizon approximates the 13.7 BLY radius of the observed universe. As indicated, this measurement relates to the origins of the particulation process as well as the observed stability of baryonic particles and structures (atoms).

    The organization and stability of atomic and cosmic structure are the product of crossreading the cosmos remotely within the photonic matrix, entangled everywhere. This photonic matrix forms two antipodes of the seven dimensional universe. The singular dark energy forms the other two. Time wise, it is possible for inversely mapped particulate beings, superposed in energy and space, to cross-read from one side of the universe to the other, because of photonic entanglement, a verified scientific reality which follows from SRT.

    Inflation works (and is a valid concept) only when it is kept within the "black hole" Planck Realm. Within that realm, and from an observers frame of reference, "during that time", communication within the universe was, and in a quasi-static universe is, almost instantaneous. The entangled photonic matrix, the Schwarzschild "white hole" has the same characteristic.

    Note: 3/16/06...Click on "dual" at the bottom of this home page and scroll down. Carefully read the hourglass nebula photograph notes in the text. The hourglass nebula is a dramatic, astronomical 4D projection of the history of space in our dual universe, even indicating the "location" of inflation near the origin of the process. The hourglass nebula is almost identical to the diagram of the "shape of space" recently published by NASA, with one noteworthy difference- the hourglass nebula is a DUAL projection of the shape of space...there are TWO halves of the system. NASA diagrams show only one. Also diagrams such as the one NASA released, just as the Hourglass nebula projection, belie the notion of flat space...rather space is hyperspherical and marginally closed, locally, but NOT cosmologically flat.

    The "speed of light" is a consequence of observing the cosmos from a certain frame. From this frame, (the frame of particulate beings), even gravity is observed to propagate at the speed of light, and light speed constitutes a kind of universal speed limit. Cosmologically, in this model, gravity is actually near Newtonian in nature.

    From the frame of reference of conscious beings, the universe is dynamic, observed and measured in space and time. From a cosmological perspective, the cosmos and everything in it is a rigid, interconnected, eternal, phylogenically evolving construct. Space in the 4 dimensional universe we observe is locally flat but globally marginally closed and hyperspherical (Omega total 1.01).

    Acceleration outward and galactic motion calculations strongly imply a dual, higher dimensional universe, as do the practical demands of the principles of engineering (Jan Oort, PAM Dirac et al). While eternal, the cosmos is finite in mass. Every part of the universe is linked to every other part and is permanently included in the structure.


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